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Freeboard and Community Rating System are two terms that affect the cost of flood insurance AND you can get involved in with your communities .  For Freeboard contact the Floodplain administrator (where you find building permits), the mayor and/or city manager to learn more.  For Community Rating System the best place to check out is the CRS Resource Center

There are terms we use that might be of interest to you.  We are linking you to the Fema site to check terms out in their Library e.g.  ICC (Increased Cost of Compliance), Non-Residential, Free Board, Community Rating System (CRS), Grandfather rule, Flood zones, Federal Fee, Base Flood Elevation, Lowest Floor Elevation, Repetitive Loss Structure, Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA), Zone.  Terms are listed in alphabetical order.

Claim History on the building can be obtained from sending proof of ownership to FEMA, 500 C Street SW, Washington, DC 20472. 

means the unusual and rapid accumulation or runoff of surface water.

Replacement Cost rule:  80% of the replacement cost of a dwelling is required on all owner-occupied single family units or maximum insurance available from National Flood. Replacement cost applies to building only.  Never on contents.  Contents is ALWAYS actual cash value less depreciation.

Pre-FIRM Building means a building for which construction or substantial improvement occurred on or before December 31, 1974 or before the effective date of an initial Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM).

Post-FIRM Building means a building for which construction or substantial improvement occurred after December 31, 1974 or on or after the effective date of an initial Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM), whichever is later.

Debris Removal This is one of the most important benefits under a flood policy.  Flood insurance covers any expense you incur, including your labor at prevailing federal minimum wage rates, as a result of removing debris of, on or from your property so long as the debris problem was directly caused by a flood!  National Flood will never pay more than the limits of the policy.  It also includes non-owned debris from beyond the boundaries of the described premise which is physically on the insured property.  It also applies to the insured property which is anywhere on the described premise and on property beyond the boundaries of the described premise.  If it's a Non-Residential policy, the same basic coverage applies.  Debris Removal under the flood policy will help a business pay its employees to help with clean up!

Other items not covered:  Swimming pools indoor or out, hot tubs not inside a bathroom.  For example: If  your lawnmower is in your yard when flood occurs, it is not covered because it is not in an enclosed dwelling at the time of loss!

Why you should carry flood insurance even if you are in the the least likely to flood zones (B, C or X):
Flood waters do not stop just because the building is not in the flood zones that have a higher probabilty     of flooding.
43 inches of water fell in one day in Tropical Storm Claudette
20 inches of water fell in one day in Hurricane Lillie
28 inches of water fell in one day in Tropical Storm Allison (most of the area that was flooded was in         the LEAST likely to flood zone B, C & X! )
You have a higher chance of suffering a Flood Loss than a Fire Loss.

For Residential dwellings that qualify for the Preferred Policy the premium is less than a dollar a day!     (B, C or X zones)

Hurricane Katrina
Hurricane Rita


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